In the modern age of marketing, especially when it comes to digital, the metrics available to track should completely eliminate the need for gut feel.

With tracking set up correctly, everything from a digital perspective should be able to be tied back to a cost per lead or cost per sale.

There should be varying targets for what these figures should look like, for example, brand activity is not going to generate as greater immediate return as a sales-focused campaign, but this should all be planned into the strategy.

When working with a new client, our process is tailored to your needs, but the below covers the type of activity we would follow.

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Before we even start to look at any previous marketing activity we need to understand your business. The initial discovery phase should give us time to get to understand how you operate, what is unique about your business, what your products/services are and who the ideal customers are.

It is also important we understand your competitors and where you believe you are positioned in the marketplace. The key to our future success is also that we understand your organisational goals so we can ensure we align our strategy with these.

We then will want to get to know your previous marketing activity. We will want to understand previous budgets, previous KPIs and how successful you feel the work has been. With access to Google Analytics and any other tracking software you have, we will be able to complete a full audit.

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Reviewing the results of our audit is integral to our strategy next steps and depending on the tracking you have set up this may or may not be as detailed as we would like. Whether tracking is in place or not, we are able to use our own tools to look at market share from a search perspective, competitors, your keyword rankings and the technical health of your website. 

The piece of the pie that is often missing is tying together the number of leads with the source of where they have come from and this is the key to understanding what is working. We will not retrospectively be able to tell you this information, but we can plan a strategy moving forward that has the right tracking in place.

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With the discovery phase nearing completion, we can start to put together our suggestions for your strategy moving forward. This will be informed by research, data and our human approach. The key ingredient to being able to measure tangible impact is by having a clear tracking strategy and having agreed KPIs that match up to the organisation goals. We will be working towards finding your sweet spot, which is where your brand, technology and marketing start working together at the optimum level to fuel your business growth. 

Our strategy will not just tell you what we think your business should do but why, ensuring our reasoning is evident, as it is useful to re-visit this when looking at results later down the line. We will present our strategy back to your business and will manage expectations with regards to our expected impact and timeframes. We cannot guarantee results, but through our transparent approach, you will always be aware as to where we are and what we are doing next. 

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Once you are happy with our strategy plans we move into our launch phase, where we really start to get everything in place and ready to go. This could be some small changes or could be a large scale project including a new website, brand messaging etc. One thing that is guaranteed, is that we will not launch without the right tracking in place that has been agreed to align with your KPIs. 

Following launch we then test, learn and iterate - digital marketing is never perfect and complete, it should always be evolving based on results. We provide our clients with monthly reports that are aligned to the organisation goals and we ensure we are working towards our targets.

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